Stanley - Stanley is a handsome young hunk at only nine months of age. This boy is somewhat high-strung and distant, and has been identified as having tendencies toward separation anxiety, but give him a few minutes and approach him calmly and in a passive manner, and he's soon ready for a meet and greet! I didn't really know what to expect from him when I met him in the yard, so I gave him a little time, spoke in low tones, offered my hand for him to sniff, and then sat down and waited. The next thing I knew, he came near to me, sat with his back to me, scooted backwards two or three paces until his back was against my leg, and then looked back over his own shoulder, as if waiting for me to pet him....which I did! And he really got into it! He turned out to be a very gentle and affectionate boy with a loving personality. He may have his anxiety, but he also has a sweet personality and a heart with a lot of love to share. Stanley seems to be quite intelligent, and is alert and attentive and is probably a very apt and willing subject for training if he is given the right motivation and is taught properly. I can see a lot of promise and potential in this sweet boy. He is nine months old, healthy, and microchipped. He is also available for immediate adoption. If you are interested in adopting this really special boy, you can go to to fill out an online adoption application. To fill out an adoption application, go to
Received on: 2019-07-20
Size: Large