Bernice - This precious girl and her companion, Dean, are prime examples of what severe flea allergies will do to a dog. At first glance, one might think this degree of hair loss would be the result of mange, but this is the result of massive flea infestation. When Bernice and Dean were brought in, there were dark masses thought to be scabs at many locations on their bodies. Closer examination revealed that the masses were very severe accumulations of fleas. Both Bernice and Dean are undergoing treatments to rid them of the fleas, and both seem to be much happier and more comfortable. Her outdoor time has to be limited to prevent sunburn, but aside from the hair loss and resultant integumentary conditions, she is a very sweet, well-behaved, gentle girl. Bernice is a wonderful little girl with a precious temperament. She is a female bulldog mix, is about two year old, and weighs forty-four pounds. Bernice is heartworm negative. She and Dean were brought to the shelter as strays, so we are unsure what their disposition will be, but if you recognize either of them, please call the shelter at (256)771-7889. She really seems relieved and grateful to be rid of the fleas and she has a precious heart, a lot of love to share, and sweet companionship to offer. To fill out an adoption application, go to
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Received on: 2019-07-23
Size: Medium