Styxx - Ok, so my appearance might be a bit rough around the edges, but that is no reflection of my temperament or demeanor, and I'm actually quite handsome when you look past the obvious dirt, etc. I'm a super-sweet big boy and I am gentle and loving! I'm dirty, I have a dark ring around my neck where my collar should be (from being tied out for long periods on a tether of some sort), and I have a laceration on top of my head that is healing quite nicely. But I'm basically a happy-go-lucky big boy whose tail wags most of the time (when I'm awake, anyway!). I haven't always been on the receiving end of the best of treatment, though, and I have those darned old heartworms as a result! I really desperately need someone to love me enough to help me get rid of those nasty things! I'm about three years old and I weigh about sixty-two pounds. I am available for immediate adoption, and I promise, promise, PROMISE that if you will help me get well, and give me a safe, secure, comfortable home, I will give you a lifetime of love, loyalty, and devotion in return. Please, at least think about it. Come by the shelter and visit with me....! PLEASE? Go to to apply for Styxx or for any of our other available dogs or cats. To fill out an adoption application, go to
Received on: 2019-08-06
American Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Large