Wild Bill

Wild Bill When I first met Wild Bill, he was so frightened I couldn't get anywhere near him. Once he had gotten used to me, however, he began to come closer and closer. Eventually, he was accepting treats from me, rubbing up against me to be petted, and lying at my feet enjoying my company I guess. He turned out to be a very sweet boy and something of a pleasant surprise. He's just a gentle big hunk in need of a new home and a family who will love him and show him what a good life is like! Wild Bill was turned in to the shelter by his owner who had only had him for a short time. He is available for immediate adoption and is anxious to meet his new family. This handsome, lovable big dude is about four years old, weighs sixty-nine pounds, and is ready to share an abundance of love and devotion with his new family. Wild Bill has been vetted and vaccinated and is in good health except for the fact that he is infected with heartworms and is in need of treatment. Once Wild Bill has been treated and is free of the heartworms, he will be a magnificent animal. To fill out an adoption application, go to http://limestonepets.org/adopt
Received on: 2019-08-10
American Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Large