Seth - Seth was brought to the shelter with a horrific infestation of fleas, and he apparently is suffering an allergic reaction to them. He has experienced a very significant amount of hair loss as a result of the flea infestation, and he is absolutely miserable because of it, but through it all, this precious soul has maintained a very loving, affectionate, gentle personality, and a wonderful attitude. He is as sweet as he can be, and is very alert and attentive when he is not in the throes of an immediate and irresistible need to scratch. He has the sweetest face, but his eyes seem sad and miserable. Seth is a smart boy. He is about four years old, weighs fifty-two and one half pounds, and amazingly is free of heartworms! Seth's coat would normally be black and brindle, and once he is rid of the fleas and his hair has grown back, he will be a very handsome boy! If you recognize Seth, please call the shelter at (256)771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to
Received on: 2019-09-03
American Pit Bull Terrier
Size: Large