Low Rider

Low Rider - This handsome little hunk is the kind of dog that every little child needs in his or her life. Low Rider is a very sweet boy who loves people, is well behaved, and has a wonderful temperament. He is as cute as he can be, and his small size makes him easy to handle and train. Low Rider was brought to the shelter as a stray, so we will keep him here and love on him ourselves until his owner comes to reclaim him, and believe me, he is a very good one to love on! If he remains with us until his stray hold expires, he will be made available for adoption. Low Rider is only about six months old, weighs seventeen pounds, and is a terrier mix. He is super friendly, alert and attentive, and very playful! If you recognize this little sweetheart, please call the shelter as soon as possible at (256)771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to http://limestonepets.org/adopt
Received on: 2019-09-09
Size: Medium