Shakespeare 2019-12586K
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color: Black
Coat: Short
Size: Medium
Age: Baby
Shakespeare - Shakespeare and his brother were turned in to the shelter by their owner. These two little guys are sweethearts from the word "Go!", and they are available for immediate adoption. Shakespeare and Hamlett are about ten weeks old, have been vetted and vaccinated, and are healthy. Both of these little guys are very shy, though, and would benefit greatly by being shown a lot of love, affection, and encouragement. They are very curious little guys, and they are very bonded. They seem to draw some degree of courage by one another's presence, but that need will be replaced by owners or families who will show them a lot of love and affection. Shakespeare is mostly black with white socks and a white ascot on his neck and chest. Shakespeare and Hamlett are Labrador retriever mixes. Shakespeare weighs 14.6 pounds, so he is the larger of the two. To foster or adopt either or both of these little boys, go to and fill out your adoption application. To fill out an adoption application, go to