Rutger 2019-12946K
Breed: Terrier
Color: Black
Coat: Medium
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Rutger - Rutger was brought to the shelter as a stray. He has yet to be vetted, and no information was provided or available when he was brought to us, so very little is known about him. He is extremely frightened and for the moment, at least, does not openly welcome contact. He seems to want to be loved and petted, but he is just so scared right now. He will let you pet him, and you can see the tension fade from him and the quivering pass as you do. He just needs a lot of love and understanding from the people around him. If you recognize Rutger, and can provide any information at all about him, please call the shelter at (256)771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to