Maverick 2019-12958K
Breed: Hound
Color: Tan
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Before I entered the yard to photograph Maverick, I was told that he might be a bit shy and fearful, and could be difficult to photograph for those reasons. What I found, instead, was a very pleasant surprise. When I sat down to get a better angle for the photos, this sweet boy came to me and tried to get in my lap, and started trying to lick my face. Even though Maverick has been at the shelter for almost two weeks, and he was extremely frightened when he first arrived here, his temperament and demeanor seem to have been misunderstood. He is shy when he first meets strangers, but he is actually a very sweet, affectionate, and loving soul who just need a new forever friend. Maverick is probably a hound mix, and he is available for immediate adoption. Please call the shelter at (256)771-7889 for more information or go to to submit an online adoption application for Maverick.