Higgins 2019-12975K
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Coat: Short
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Higgins - Stray Blue Bulldog - This little guy's physical appearance is pitiful and his physical condition is absolutely inexcusable, but even so, he has a forgiving heart, and a beautiful spirit. He was brought to the shelter as a stray. He has yet to be vetted, and his turn-in sheet provided no information, so we know very little about him. He is a very, very sweet and gentle boy with precious pleading eyes, and an adorable face, but it seems you can see almost every bone in his precious body. His appearance is heartbreaking, but his attitude and his sweet, loving and affectionate personality are to be envied. This little guy is full of promise for the individual or family who loves him and cares enough to "bring him back" from this sad condition. If you know, or recognize, this little sweetheart, please call the shelter at (256)771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to http://limestonepets.org/adopt