Brandy 2019-13444K
Breed: Mountain Cur
Color: Brindle
Coat: Short
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Brandy (OTI) - This adorable girl was adopted from our shelter, but has been returned after only a month or so. Her only fault being that in her exuberance, she played a little roughly with the family's child. Brandy is a sweet girl and is about nine months old now. She is healthy, weighs twenty-five pounds, loves people, and is once again available for immediate adoption. Brandy is energetic and active, and very playful, and because she is so energetic and playful, she has shown that she can be a little overwhelming for young children or the elderly or infirm. But she is also very sweet, affectionate, and oh, so pretty. Go to to apply for Brandy.