Diesel Dave

Diesel Dave 2020-14392K
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: Brindle
Coat: Short
Age: Adult
I was brought to the shelter for a couple of reasons, but I am a good boy and I love people. I don't get along well with other animals, though, and that is one reason I was brought here. Another reason is that sometimes when I'm left alone, I get frightened or bored or just stressed, and I can damage a crate if I'm left in one longer than I want. I follow commands such as "sit", and I obey pretty well when I'm told "No!" I walk very well on a leash, and I "load in a car like a champ". I love to ride! Boy do I love to ride! I sit for treats and take them with a soft mouth. I won't get your fingers. And if you want a snuggle buddy, I'm your boy! I love to snuggle and be near my person or people. So aside from my separation anxiety, which can be remedied, by the way, and my need to be an "only dog", I'm a real gem just waiting to be found and polished!For further information on this dog, contact the Athens Limestone Animal Shelter at 256-771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to https://limestonepets.org/ and click on the Adopt tab.