Boaz 2020-14479K
Breed: Bulldog
Color: Brown
Boaz - It didn't take long for everyone here to realize what a great boy I am. I am a male bulldog mix, brown in color, and as sweet as honey. I look healthy, am very energetic, and love to run and play, especially with toys. I'll be able to tell you more about myself once I have been poked, pricked, and weighed by the veterinary staff, but right now, you just need to know that I am considered a stray, and am ho[ping my family will learn that I am here and will come and get me. I really am sweet, I love people, I am well-behaved, and I seem to be quite intelligent, as well. Come by the shelter for a visit and see how I like to run and play. To fill out an adoption application, go to