Mason Dixon

Mason Dixon 2020-14489K
Breed: Bulldog
Color: Red
Coat: Short
Age: Adult
From one sad story to another😭 Some of you long time followers might remember a dog we had in the shelter last year named Mason Dixon. Mason came to us as a stray last year and stayed in our shelter a REALLY long time. He was recognized from a post on this page and finally reclaimed by his owner. Well a few months later, Mason Dixon was back with us yet again. His owners family had to turn him over, his owner had a horrible car wreck and was in critical condition. We again had Mason, and lucked out for a foster for him. Mason's dad almost didn't make and had to learn how to walk and everything all over again, and to do rehab for months and months. Finally after a months in the shelter and in foster home Mason's dad was could finally take him back. We were so happy, they reunited and it was precious. Fast forward to March 2020 only a few months later.... We got a call that Mason Dixon's dad had PASSED AWAY suddenly😭 And this left Mason with no where to go, so now this sweet boy is back with us. Lots of year and hugs from Mason's family and us. We promised we would find him a forever home or RESCUE. This sweet dog has been thru so much since last year, please help find him a forever home. Please share his post!!!! After all this bad luck he has had, Mason deserves a new chance on life. Mason is available for adoption or rescue please apply at click on Adopt and fill out the application to get pre-approved.