Octavia 2022-25678K
Breed: Bully_Breed
Color: Tan
Coat: Short
Age: Adult
Octavia's foster mom has this to say about her: We’ve had this beauty for a month now. When we brought her home she was terrified, and pressed herself against the wall and into little hiding spaces. The theory is she was used to being kept in a kennel and not ever interacted with. She is still shy around humans, but joyfully plays with her foster siblings, and likes to snuggle up to them for naps. She is sweet as can be, just timid. Will come up to us first thing in the morning with her whole body wagging and give our hands a boop with her nose. Will take treats from our hands if we move slowly. Non reactive to other dogs and kids. Zero aggression despite her anxiety. Great about pottying outside as long as she is taken out regularly. Walks well on a leash. When it’s bedtime and she hears us telling our other dogs to go lay down, she goes right into her kennel and settles in. She is really a wonderful girl! iFor further information on this dog, contact the Athens Limestone Animal Shelter at 256-771-7889. To fill out an adoption application, go to https://limestonepets.org/ and click on the Adopt tab.