ROSCOE RED 2023-27504K
Unrelated Litter size: 2
Color: Red
Age: Adult
♥️Calling All Mastiff/Supermutt Lovers♥️ Roscoe Red is a Mastiff/Hound. Athen-Limestone Animal Service (ALAS) staff is pleading to get him adopted. The sweet Baby needs help. He is losing his spark and needs out of the Shelter. His beautiful, happy smile is fading! He loves all people and all types of dogs. Please, be his heroRoscoe Red lost his daddy due to a motorcycle accident, and his dad was an avid animal advocate and a foster. This event caused this sweet boy to end up at the shelter. Roscoe Red is a gentle giant and love bug with no home or family due to a motorcycle accident taking his beloved dad. Roscoe Red is a neutered supermutt mix, that weighs 90 lbs and is a Velcro dog. He loves belly and ear rubs. Roscoe Red will lend against your leg while standing next to you for comfort. He is very treat-motivated and is very friendly towards strangers and dog-friendly. Roscoe Red knows the following command: sit, wait, and come. He loves walks, camping, and hiking. He pulls slightly on his leash, so he needs leash training. Roscoe is a little mouthy and jumpy because he wants to kiss you; however, he listens very well when using the command word down. Roscoe Red will bark once and say the command Shh, and he stops and sits. He is a big love bug with a great smile that needs a new forever family. To apply for Roscoe Red, please go to, click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS. ALAS offers a two-week foster-to-adopt program to ensure their fur babies are an excellent fit for your family! Also, ALAS allows shelter dogs to have weekend sleepovers to help them reduce their shelter stress and enjoy some needed one-on-one attention.