OAKLEY 2023-27682K
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Color: Brown
Coat: Short
Size: Large
Age: Young
♥️Calling All Labrador Lover, ALAS has a perfectly trained girl with the saddest eyes looking for a Forever Home♥️ Oakley
Breed: Labrador Retriever Mix
Color: Chocolate Labrador
Gender: Female
Coat: Short/Smooth (Low Maintenance)
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Athen-Limestone Animal Service (ALAS) staff is pleading to get him adopted. Oakley is a happy-go-lucky puppy that loves people and other dogs. She is the most amazing homeless fur baby because she loves training and is treat-motivated, intelligent, and sweet. Sadly, she is a long-timer at the shelter. Do not let those sad eyes fool you. She is so sweet, gentle, and loving towards everyone. She is vocal; however, she knows the Shh command and quiets down very quickly. Oakley is the sweetest girl and an owner turn-in at no fault of her own. She is one year old, weighs around 38 lbs, loves zoomies, enjoys playing with toys and chewy bones, adores belly and ear rubs, and stranger friendly. Oakley is bright and knows the following commands: sit, wait, stay, circle, and focus. She needs some work on the come command. Oakley listens very well and enjoys walks and hikes; however, Oakley pulls slightly on the leash, so Oakley needs leash training. She is gentle in taking treats. She would be perfect for an active to moderately energetic family looking to add a new fur baby. To apply for Oakley, please go to www.limestonepets.org , click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS. ALAS offers a two-week foster-to-adopt program to ensure their fur babies are an excellent fit for your family! Also, ALAS allows shelter dogs to have weekend sleepovers to help them reduce their shelter stress and enjoy some needed one-on-one attention.