Tavi 2023-28204K-L3
Litter Litter size: 3
Breed: Pointer
Color: Black & White
Fostering Tavi, a pointer mix. Immediately played with our Golden Retreiver the moment they met. Made himself at home. A fair bit of energy. Still very much a puppy. No dog, human, or cat aggression. Still very much a puppy. No accidents. Still figuring out the door dog. Tavi 11 weeks old and has already started his life off in the shelter. Tavy came in with his 2 brothers Rikki and Tikki. The were found on hwy 31 in the middle of the road. These pointers are so sweet and absolutely adorable. They are all happy, despite the shelter life and now are looking for a rescue or forver homes. To apply for our puppies go to www.limestonepets.org click adopt and fill out the application to get pre approved to adopt from our shelter ♡