SPRING 2023-28294K-R1
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
Color: White
Coat: Short
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Looking for a Pocket Pity that does not fit in your pocket but your heart?
Spring is loved by staff and volunteers and is sweet, gentle, kissable, playful, sassy, and considered a dolly to be around. She is potty and crate-trained. She loves car rides and people of all ages. Spring does not like cats. She is a sweet girl that was found as a spray. She once had puppies by the look of her stomach. Well, Spring no longer has to worry about fending for herself or having any more babies. She is spayed. Spring is a doll and loves treats. She takes them gently and loves sticking her tongue out for fun. Spring will approach you for pets and belly rubs. She is treat motivated and would do well with training. She knows the following commands: up and beg, come, stay, and sit. Spring weighs only 29 lbs and is three years old. Spring is a gentle soul and possibly an American Pitt Bull Terrier and British Staffordshire Terrier mix. With some love and a stress-free environment, Spring would blossom into the perfect fur baby. Spring is not a barker, a total couch potato, and loves giving kisses and receiving belly and ear rubs. Spring is skittish around dogs due to an attack. Spring has a lovely spark, so please help her find a forever home before it fades. Spring would be perfect for a low to moderately active family that loves fire night chats, sky glaring, or watching football on the weekend. To apply for Spring, please go to www.limestonepets.org, click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from our shelter.
We also offer a two-week foster-to-adopt program to ensure their fur babies are an excellent fit for your family!
Can you please share Spring so we can find her a home?