DERRINGER 2023-28995K
Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
Color: White
Coat: Short
Age: Adult
♥️Hi everyone. My name is Derringer, and I am a lovely boy who loves treats, toys, and people. I do love command training and going on walks. Could you help find a forever family for the holidays? I wouldn't say I like the shelter and need my bed forever. ♥️

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Color: White/Brown with Black spots

Gender: Male

Coat: Smooth/Short (Low Maintenance)

Size: Large

Age: Adult

Kid Friendly: Yes

Athens-Limestone Animal Service (ALAS) staff is pleading to get him adopted. Derringer is lovely, loves to listen, is stranger-friendly, and loves pets and treats. He has no aggression towards people. Derringer is so sweet at taking treats. He is up to date on his vaccinations.
Derringer was found as a stray that weighs between 30lbs and 50lbs. He has the floppies ears that perk up when you squeak a toy, and his eyes are soulful and full of expression. Derringer is a total gem and beautiful to boot. He loves treats. He enjoys walking but pulls on the leash, so he needs leash training. He is treat-motivated, which will help with command training. He knows the following commands: wait and stay. He needs to work on the following commands: sit and come. He loves giving licks, enjoys people's company, and is very stranger-friendly. He is still being assessed further, and more information will come about Derringer regarding dog and cat friendliness.
To apply for Derringer, please go to
, click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS.
ALAS offers a two-week foster-to-adopt program to ensure their fur babies are an excellent fit for your family! Also, ALAS allows shelter dogs to have weekend sleepovers to help them reduce their shelter stress and enjoy some needed one-on-one attention.