Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll 2024-29394K
Breed: Bully_Breed
Color: Black
❤️Hi everyone, this Potty Pitty is a ball of energy and love. He is so sweet and on stop. He is a clown and loves entertaining the staff with his belly rolls. He is so good nature and needs a forever home. He loves everyone and everything. He is an active boy who will keep a family on their toes with laugh and love. He loves playing fetch and will play it for hours. He is a gem of a dog and a staff favorite. He is very well adjusted. He is a long-timer and needs out. He is a staff favorite and deserves a home. Please share and help ALAS by tagging accredited and registered rescues to increase his chances of a loving home. He will not sit still for a photo because he is always on the move🤣. He is an inside dog only. ❤️ Tootsie Roll
Breed: Potty Pitty Mix
Color: Black/White
Gender: Male
Coat: Smooth/Short (Low Maintenance)
Size: Small
Age: Adult
Kid Friendly: Yes
Dog Friendly: Yes
Athens-Limestone Animal Service (ALAS), the staff pleads for him to be adopted. Tootsie Roll is a ball of energy that loves everyone. He is high-energy, a comedian, loves pets, and rolls on his belly for love and attention. Tootsie Roll has been at the shelter for over a month, waiting for his forever home. Tootsie Roll is a happy-go-lucky boy and shows no aggression towards people or dogs. He is a jumper, licker, and kisser. He enjoys being around people and what to bright up everyone days with his silly antics. He enjoys walks, hikes, and treats. Tootsie Roll loves yard time and playing fetch. He is kid-friendly, silly, and well-adjusted, and the shelter environment does not scare him. He is a pleasure. He will not stand still for anything, and he is constantly on the go. Tootsie Roll was an owner-turn-in who loved him and was unable to keep him. Tootsie Roll rolls with the flow and loves everyone. He loves dogs and people of all ages. He needs to learn command training and pull on the leash, so he needs leash training. He enjoys yard time and being silly. He is an entertainer. He is between 2 and 4 years old and weighs between 30 lb and 40 lbs. He will bark for attention. He has the funnest bark. He loves rubbing up against people for attention. He is none stop and would be perfect for an active family that loves the outdoors, hiking, walking, yard play, and road trip. To apply for Tootsie Roll, please go to , click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS. Please share Tootsie Roll's profile to get him adopted.