Toffee Cake

Toffee Cake 2024-29426K
Breed: Bullmastiff
Hi, everyone, this is ALAS. Our sweet and gentle Bullmastiff is declining at the shelter. ALAS is still evaluating him; however, he is loved and sweet. He is a gentle giant and sweetheart. The shelter environment is not suitable for him, and he needs out. ALAS needs the community's help to find sweet Toffee Cake at home or rescue. Could ALAS followers please tag accredited rescue to save Toffee Cake?Toffee Cake is currently staying at Athens-Limestone Animal Service (ALAS), and the staff there is appealing for someone to adopt him. He is a gentle dog who has been at the shelter for a while and requires a loving home. Toffee Cake loves the company of people and enjoys being petted. He is also very gentle when approached. He is low-energy, intelligent, and enjoys walking and cuddling. Toffee Cake is also great with children and walks well on a leash.
Toffee Cake was found as a stray and needs a forever home. He is a soulful and gentle giant who is not feeling great in the shelter environment. He is scared and needs love. He loves attention, pets, and treats, which he takes gently. The staff is still evaluating him, but they believe he would be great for a family that loves staying home and enjoying nights cuddling on the sofa. Toffee Cake is inside dog only.
If you are interested in adopting Toffee Cake, please visit, click the adopt button, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS.