HONEY O 2024-29494K
Unrelated Litter size: 2
Breed: Shepherd
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Hi, everyone, this is ALAS. Our sweet Honey O has been at the shelter for two weeks and needs out. She is timid, low-energy, and people and dog-friendly. The shelter scares our sweet Honey O. She is treat-motivated and takes treats gently from your hand. She listens when on a leash and shows no aggression towards people or dogs. Please share and tag accredited and registered rescues to help ALAS find a home and safe place to live forever. Athens-Limestone Animal Services (ALAS), the staff pleads for her to be adopted. Honey O is a loving girl who loves people and dogs. She is low-energy and not jumpy. Honey O has been at the shelter for two weeks and is very scared. Honey O is sweet-natured and timid. Honey enjoys being around people. She enjoys walks, hiking, and cuddling. Honey O pulls on the leash; Honey O needs leash training. She is kid-friendly, intelligent, and loves playing with toys.
Honey was found as a stray and is four years old. She weighs more than 50 lbs. Honey O loves people and treats. She is treat-motivated. She loves dogs and would do great in a dog-friendly home. Honey O needs out immediately because the shelter environment stressed shepherd breeds. She is timid and low-energy. She would be perfect for a moderately active family that loves walks, hiking, and cuddling on the sofa with a fur baby.
To apply for Honey O, please go to www.limestonepets.org, click adopt, and fill out the application to get pre-approved to adopt from ALAS.